Camper Rules

A cabin must be occupied by at least one adult 22 years old or older. Register in the store before you camp. Fees must be paid in advance before setting up camp. Deposits to reserve the cabins are NON REFUNDABLE! Management reserves the right to change rules and to evict for infractions. SPEED LIMIT IS 5 MPH. Mopeds and motorcycles are for entering and leaving Park only. No Joy Riding. DO NOT LITTER, clean before you leave to get your full security deposit back. Remember to return your key and gate pass when you leave. All garbage must be in plastic bags and placed in the trash truck. Camp Fires are permitted however they must be extinguished before retiring. NO ILLEGAL DRUGS, FIREWORKS, FIREARMS, BB GUNS, or any type of explosives are allowed in the park. Do not dig holes or ditches in the campsite. Do not cut trees, drive nails, or attached objects to trees, or electric poles. Parents are responsible for the actions and safety of their children while in Park. Do not wash cars in park. Management assumes no responsibility for loss by fire, theft, accidents, etc. Games involving thrown objects, such as handball, Frisbees, etc, shall be restricted to designated areas. Bring Helmets for Children 15 and under riding bikes. No SKATEBOARDING in the Park. No HOOVER BOARDS in the Park.

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