Gate Info

Steamboat Landing LLC has a key-card entrance gate. The Gate will improve security in the park, and keep out all non-registered guest.


  • All seasonal campers will buy a key card for the gate.
  • Each card must coincide with registered vehicles.
  • The key card costs $20.00 each; NO REFUNDS.
  • There is a digital camera on the gate at all times.
  • Anyone who tampers with the gate will be evicted from the PARK. NO REFUND.
  • Anyone who gives the key card to a guest will be evicted from the PARK. NO REFUND.
  • The gate will be in operation May 1st to October 15th only.


  • All guests will deposit $20.00 on a key card pass.
  • The $20.00 deposit will be returned when the key card is returned.
  • All guests will continue to pay a day or overnight fee.
  • All guests arriving after store hours will park outside the gate and walk to the campsite where they are staying. They must register as a guest the next morning.
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